In the last month, we’ve had #CoronaHackathon and another huge meetup at Ansca HQ.
Naturally, a lot of you were quick to let us know about how you wished there were more Corona SDK events near you, outside of our Silicon Valley backyard.

Well, your wishes have now been answered!

Next week, Corona legends Crawl Space Games are putting on a Corona meetup in Chicago. Not only that, but our very own Carlos will be there too! So, this is a chance for Midwest Corona fans to finally take part in a meetup, just like we routinely do in the SF Bay Area.

Click the screenshot below to sign up for the meetup on next Thursday, September 8.
Trust me, you really should get out to Chicago now, while the weather is still warm! 😉

Also, if you’d like to organize a Corona meetup in your locale just like Crawl Space has done in Chicago, e-mail us to get the ball rolling! :-)

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