New LaunchPad partners: and the Experimental Game Dev Podcast

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A little over a month ago, we unveiled our LaunchPad app discovery service, laced with analytics and partnerships designed to help your apps get the attention (and downloads!) they deserve.

Today, we’re geeked to tell you about two more partnerships aimed at furthering the spotlight on your Corona SDK creations…

  • Crazy Mike will spotlight every single App of the Week with a video review on his site. Also, we’ll send him up to five additional apps per month to review as well — but they’ve gotta be good! And on top of all that, all Corona developers can get discounted rates on advertising at
  • Experimental Game Dev Podcast (EGDP): The EGDP is all about small developers, and host Action Merchant (yes, that’s his real name) himself is an avid Corona user. In the past, EGDP has featured many Corona users, including our own Uncle Carlos — so we figured we’d make it official! Now, they’ll be actively searching the Corona community for success stories and users who have a great story to tell.

For more details on CrazyMikesApps and EGDP, check out our LaunchPad partners page. Surely, you guys will be quite pleased with the opportunities for you and your apps! 🙂

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  1. Paulo says:

    Amazing news! CrazyMikesApp as partner is a big step in the LaunchPad.

    Thank you so much, Ansca!

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