These past couple weeks have been crazy, what with the first-ever #CoronaHackathon last weekend and the first-ever Corona meetup in Chicago last night. We’re always thrilled to get out of our cave every once in a while and see the faces of people who inspire us to keep on making Corona SDK the best mobile app platform on the planet.

Nevertheless, we still must ask…

What would you like to see
at a future Corona event?


This includes geographical suggestions too. We’re all ears… :-)

  1. I know its impossible to organize anything here in germany, so I am not going to ask for that here. But if there are any like-minded corona devs around here in germany, we could still meet up and talk every now and then. Just contact me at “info AT eiswuxe DOT de” :)

  2. Walter will be in NY sometime end of October. If you guys want to setup a meetup in NYC lets coordinates time frames so that Walter can join you guys. I will let Hetal coordinate that.

    @Dave Yang : There is a good chance I may be up there or Screens.

    @Chris : I was just in Miami, and I grew up in Miami. So next time am there visiting family we can coordinate a meetup.

    US/Canada Coronaites: If you can pull off a 50+ attendees group one of us would show up.


  3. I know it’s not Friday anymore, but I’d most like to see the Chugach Mountains out the window at a future Corona Event. :)

    Other than that, how about an “open mic” type session. 60 or 90 seconds to show off something cool that you’re working on. Either a full game, a cool-looking effect, etc.


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