App of the Week (September 11, 2011): NapKeeper

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Sometimes, the best app is a simple app — because, sometimes, that simple app is a handy app!

Such is the case with our latest App of the Week, which was actually created a couple weeks ago during our first-ever #CoronaHackathon. So, whatever you do, don’t sleep on NapKeeper!

While you may initially brush off NapKeeper as a novelty app, I’ve actually gotten to think up some legitimate uses for it! Example: Let’s say you’re trying to gauge how many hours of sleep you get each day for health purposes — NapKeeper is precisely the tool you could use to count sleep hours without toting around any additional machinery! Or let’s say you’re one of those fancy new polyphasic sleepers and you need something to add up how much total sleep you get in a day. Once again, it’ll be NapKeeper to the rescue!

Structurally, the app is quite intuitive and easy too navigate. There is extensive use of the CoronaUI “picker” controls in the app to make it easier to choose various attributes of each nap, and then save them in a never-ending “nap log” whose figures you can play around with later on (average nap time, longest/shortest nap, etc.).

And not to mention that creator Jay Jennings coded nearly all of this app in a span of 12 hours during our #CoronaHackathon. In fact, NapKeeper ended up earning Jay a Runner-Up prize while competing remotely all the way from Alaska.

That’s certainly nothing to snooze at! 😉

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  1. kanyewess says:

    Love it guys. When it will be available on the Android Marketplace ?

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