You’ve probably seen commercials over the past several weeks for the upcoming film Dolphin Tale from Warner Bros. Pictures. It star big names like Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and Harry Connick Jr. — a big Hollywood spectacle, right?

But a couple months back, Dolphin Tale producers Alcon Entertainment decided they wanted to take it to the mobile world… The entire mobile world!  You see, Alcon had to come up with a complete game in two months for iPhone, iPad, and Android in order to meet Warner Bros.’ deadline to launch it in advance of the film’s September 23 release.

I think you can see where this is going! 😉

Alcon approached Trailer Park — a massive, multifaceted creative agency that makes everything from apps to movie trailers for Hollywood — with their idea for the Dolphin Tale mobile app. Consequently, Trailer Park turned to Corona to build it for iOS and Android.

The result is Dolphin Tale: Fling a Fish, a game where you’re tasked with feeding the film’s porpoise protagonist Winter across 30 levels of play. You can get it today in the App Store and Android Market!

Now, we know that you long-time Corona users have heard this story many times before. However, as we’ve recently shown you with apps made for Dannon yogurt and Doritos, the big-time studios are now taking notice of what you’ve known all along — Corona is the only way to go if you wanna build across multiple platforms with utmost efficiency!

The mountain of success stories we hear from small studios and indie developers is what inspires us to make Corona better than ever before. And now, with more big studios coming into the mix, the entire Corona community surely will hear new ways that Corona can be used to run even the grandest of app-making operations.

Oh, the stories that will come…

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