FLASH FIGHT! Graphical performance on iOS and Android

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Most of you probably have seen our page dedicated to Flash developers. It’s got plenty of goodies like code comparisons and porting guides to show why Corona SDK is the next logical step up for Flash developers looking at the mobile platform.

But now, we have a much better way to get the point across.

I’ve started a new column here called FLASH FIGHT! (all-caps required) where we’ll feature videos of Flash-made apps and Corona-made apps running head-to-head on identical platforms. For Flash defenders, finding loopholes in our case for Corona just got a whole lot more difficult! 😉

Our first FLASH FIGHT! was sent to us by awesomely named Dutch studio Superhero Cheesecake, and tests pure graphical performance between Adobe Air and Corona on a Nexus S and an iPad 2. Place your bets, then press “play” below…

“…Unacceptable!” (@1:38)

If you have a FLASH FIGHT! of your own you’d like to see here, send me a link like Superhero Cheesecake did and I’ll make sure you get your shine! 🙂

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  1. Thomas Vanden Abeele says:

    Hehe. This is fun 🙂

  2. Shawn says:

    Are the frames in the Flash movieclip the same pngs or vector? Just wondering if its apples to apples or if there might be a lot of vector curves in the movieclip. The performance difference on the ipad is ridiculous. Wow.

  3. Adobe Flash is seriously loosing its dominance and fast. Microsoft Windows 8 new browser does not support Flash. “Microsoft justifies the move by noting that even among sites that use Flash, many offer HTML5 video options in the absence of the Adobe plugin.” This is another nail in the coffin. Ouch.


  4. Inas says:

    There is interesting thread on the forum discussing this video http://developer.anscamobile.com/forum/2011/09/12/video-comparing-air-performance-versus-corona.

    And if you want to compare the performance (android only) with Adobe AIR and Haxe+NME (yes that haxe) you could go here http://blog.krozalski.com/?p=1 Performance for Corona with many sprites is actually quite abysmal even on latest daily build.

    The performance on above video for Adobe AIR is bad because it uses simple movieclip. For flash to get better performance, flash devs should do many tricks, including blitting, no vectors, GPU vs CPU, etc, which makes Corona easier to use (pure joy).

    My point is, to be one of leading mobile 2D game engine, Ansca must not stop optimize Corona’s performance and refine it’s API, there are many homework for you guys, and we (the community) will do our best to support you 🙂

  5. Carlos Icaza says:

    @Inas : I have actually gotten the sources from brozalski. We touched base a while back and he provided me with the sample app that demonstrate the performance issue he shows.

    Walter and I have been in constant discussion on how to optimize Corona with more than just one “feature”. There are few tweaks here and there, and major ones, and a combination of both will make Corona zip even faster. A lot faster.

    And thanks for all the kind words 😉 — We will never rest to create the best framework for you, your success as I always says, is our success.


  6. codeRebelBase says:

    Oooo, don’t let Lee Brimelow see this ; )

  7. Ziao says:

    I couldn’t resist laughing at the ipad flash demo. LOL, just LOL

  8. Mark says:

    Firstly, really love Corona.

    Secondly, Flash and Actionscript are where I learnt everything I know and love about programming.

    If it were not for them, I would never have started using Corona.

    Does this have to be a FIGHT?

  9. Patrick says:

    As much as I love Corona this demo is not an even fight. It’s apples and oranges. Good try though.

    If you were created Movieclips for a game like that in Flash for mobile you wouldn’t use PNG sequences. You would use blitting. Check out Terry Patons Meteor Storm for the iPad. It’s free, all Flash and runs amazing on the 1st gen iPad.
    I’ve also seen developers create games that perform awful on the iPad in Corona. I won’t name those.

    At my job we use Flash to create Pharmaceutical sales tools on the iPad and it works great.
    I am also creating a childrens book for the iPad using Corona. Thats great too.

    Knowing the right tool for the job is how the real fight will always be won.

  10. Paul says:

    I have to admit that it’s very difficult to compare tools unless you’re equally and adequately proficient in both. Also, Flash/Flex can do things that Corona can’t do and is a full toolset out of the box, including IDE etc.

    Also, the new Flash Starling Framework takes Flash to a whole new level (on paper – I haven’t tried it yet).

    That said, I love Corona 🙂

  11. Gianluca says:

    Not that it matters, but on a purely curiosity standpoint: was the flash app created with AIR 2.6 or 2.7??

  12. jmp909 says:

    Hi Patrick,

    cached spritesheet clip with GPU mode will perform much better than blitting…