Earlier this week, Hollywood mega-agency Trailer Park released Dolphin Tale: Fling a Fish for iOS and Android. The mobile game was commissioned for the Warner Bros. film Dolphin Tale, starring names you’d never expect to see on this blog like Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. 😉

Below, Trailer Park’s VP of Mobile Evan Geerlings talks about why they entrusted their app development to Corona SDK

Evan Geerlings, Trailer Park

When did Corona SDK first blip on the Trailer Park radar?

We started doing research on cross-platform tools about a year ago. We identified Corona as a possible solution and were just waiting for an opportunity to use it. When Alcon approached us about Dolphin Tale, we knew it was a perfect fit.

What was the “audition” process like for you guys to gauge whether Corona was a worthy addition to your app-making arsenal?

Our developers did quite a bit of R&D before committing to the tool, but we were also confident in its capabilities seeing all the other games developed on the platform.

A lot of times, big agencies have their own in-house platform that they use to crank out apps. What made you guys decide to rely on Corona for the Dolphin Tale app instead going the self-engineered platform route?

Corona truly is a great value.

We contemplated developing our own framework/platform, but the cost was prohibitive. On the other hand, Corona SDK gives us the ability to create compelling gameplay at a fraction of the price.

Did you consider any other toolkits before settling on Corona?

No. For 2D gaming, Corona really is the best tool available.

Do you think Trailer Park will continue developing apps with Corona?

Trailer Park Mobile plans to expand its mobile game offering using the Corona tool. We also are looking to expand our use of the tool outside of gaming — in fact we are currently developing an app that is not game-focused!

We definitely will be looking forward to seeing that. Thanks for your time, Evan! :-)

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