Coming off the (prosthetics) tail-end of the Dolphin Tale app release earlier this week, we have now landed in the esteemed pages of Inc. magazine. :-)

I’ve included the money quote (both, figuratively and literally) below, and you can click the screenshot under it to read the full piece chronicling the Corona community’s history of going from “one app made per month” to “10 apps a day.” Pure awesomeness!

Without Corona, the Dolphin Tale app wouldn’t have been possible, says the film’s co-screenwriter, Noam Dromi, who was also tasked with marketing.

Before finding a studio that used Corona, Dromi put out a request for bids, and the responses ranged between $160,000 and $210,000. While Dromi won’t say how much the Dolphin Tale game cost, he says, “We were able to do it for considerably less while not skimping on quality.”

Sound familiar? 😉

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