App of the Week (September 18, 2011): Canyon Country National Parks

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This Friday will be the last day of summer (well, in the Northern Hemisphere!). That means a lot of us are scrambling to squeeze in those last weekend getaways and trips to the great outdoors before the season gets colder.

If you find yourself doing likewise in the scenic southwestern U.S., be sure to take our latest App of the Week along with you — the Canyon Country National Parks for iPad.

Canyon Country gets its name from America’s western and southwestern frontier, where you’ll find some of the most unique landscapes and scenic national parks on the planet. Naturally, as Lewis and Clark would’ve told you, it isn’t easy to navigate all the in-outs of these places. Luckily, Canyon Country encompasses parks in Utah (whose state tourism site actually commissioned the app!), Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada to make sure you hit all the best points of interests along the way.

Much like the actual Canyon Country, the app version of Canyon Country is a thing of beauty. The app includes detailed, interactive maps with full-screen photographs, fun facts, GPS coordinates, and even listings for area lodging, camping, and dining in and around the parks. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast in Canyon Country, this app is indispensable; if you’re just casually entertaining the idea of checking out the southwest U.S., it’s a great appetizer that surely will draw you in even more. (plus, it’s free!)

Superior design and a great interactive feel makes Canyon Country great as a standalone app, as well. Even if you’re not going to be exploring the American Frontier anytime soon, the app still could make for one heckuva “coffee table book” of sorts to thumb through for the photos and factoids — I wonder if creators Rally Interactive had that in mind too when making this?

Either way, go get Canyon Country in the App Store now. (again, it’s FREE!)

And if you do decide to venture out west, be sure to go a little further and stop by our place to say hi! 🙂

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  1. Josh says:

    Nice! This is only a couple of hours from where I live. Cool to see an app built with corona feature some familiar landscapes.