Guest Post: कोरोना खुशी है! (Corona is a joy!)

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Across the pond (actually, a couple ponds!) in India, the team at TinyTapps have used Corona to kickstart their own studio specializing in educational and children’s apps. Actually, they might not be just for children — personally, their Hindi-teaching app really makes me wanna take another shot at learning the language… Again.

Now, head Tapper Altaf Rehmani shares his story about how they have setup a successful educational app shop without having to set any extra time aside to learn Corona (they just learned it as they went along making their first app!).

The TinyTapps team

During the early months of 2011, we were still doing client applications for desktop and web with a couple of products of our own.

Having realized that we are very much in the mobile era and the tremendous impact on various sectors that mobile  would have in the next few years, we narrowed down the company’s vision to serve educational apps for children, supplementing early learning. Our own kids growing up with these devices were the inspiration, and the opportunity to do something different and play with exciting new mobile technology was further motivation.

After a bit of research on platforms and SDK’s we then found Corona and fell in love with it. Thus was born TinyTapps — our newest brand for developing educational apps for early learners! 🙂

Things just fell in place after that.  We got a wonderful educationalist on board who helped create concepts and guide us on the content. Our in-house designer was also excited with the prospect on working with creative bits, while the development team was proud to get mobile development on their resumes. The whole team seemed to get a new sense and purpose with the new strategy.

Learning Corona was a breeze since the entire team came from a programming background and had a couple years of programming experience. We actually learned Lua as we were developing our first app. The community was ever helpful and there was ample sample code and ideas available to create the kind of apps we were trying to create. I wrote the first app completely and we reviewed it as a team, going over the Lua/Corona concepts.

We are happy to say that we now have five apps in the App Store (both, Apple and Android), all delivering great educational value. Not only that, but we intend to create more to enhance our suite of apps.

Learning and using the Corona SDK has been a joyful experience and we would like to thank the wonderful team at Ansca for making all this happen!

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  1. Harshit Vyas says:

    wonderful work TinyTapps glad to see more Indians over here and especially the Hindi language on this site and Hindi teaching app on store


  2. Binod Suman says:

    Good to see some Hindi learning application on mobile device. Nowadays it is tough to get any application or any technical stuff for Hindi. Thanks to your team and keep it up.


    Binod Suman