App of the Week (September 25, 2011): Sheep Guardian

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Usually, in game trailers, the action is sped up in order to look more hectic and thrilling. More often than hot, when you sit down to actually play it, the gameplay is considerably slower, predictable, and boring.

But with out latest App of the Week, that’s certainly not the case. Come take a shot at becoming the Sheep Guardian!

Sheep Guardian is sort of a cross between a Galaga-style down-scroller and a tower defense game. You’re tasked with defending your small flock of sheep against waves of goblins (whatever happened to wolves?). But instead of the usual shepherd’s rod, you get to use crazy magical powers to stop them.

One of the first things I noticed upon picking up Sheep Guardian was the primary attack was a slingshot kind of like the one I saw being created at a Corona workshop over a year ago. I knew that thing would come in handy sooner or later! 😉

And, as I mentioned above, the gameplay is fast! Extra-determined gamers will find Sheep to be quite a fix for them, while more lackadaisical ones will probably get hilariously frustrated. The game certainly kept me on my toes, and made me take notice immediately. I’m thinking this was an intentional design by creators Levitan Software to make it that much quicker to get hooked on.

Go get Sheep Guardian in the App Store and Android Market now, and see how you fare!

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  1. Thanks Ansca for making us “App of the Week”. You guys are awesome!

  2. Andrew says:

    So can you tell us any of the development details? How long did it take LS to develop the app using Corona? How have sales been of the app so far? How many people did it take to develop this game?

    I’m planning on trying a game on Coronoa when I finish another project, so any development details you could give would be helpful!

  3. Checkout the details of developing this game using Corona:

    Also Sales have been OK so far… We are working on the Lite version of this Game! To be released in a couple of days as well.