A month ago, we told you about our I ♥ Corona promo where you simply upload a video tagged with “IHeartCorona” to be entered for a free year of Corona SDK PRO.

Well, not only did Lance Ulmer heed our call, but he also created something useful for everyone in the Corona community — it’s a 10-minute tutorial (albeit compressed to 2:30) for making a game from scratch using Corona. Check out the video below, and check out the full story behind it at Lance’s blog. (spoiler: It actually took 30 minutes for him to be “satisfied” with his demo)

Big congrats and thanks to Lance for the awesome video that won him some free Corona! :-)


* UPDATE @ 3:54pm: Lance has now put the source code on GitHub. Awesomeness!

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  1. Thank you Ansca!! Keep making Corona great, and keep planning events. This one was very fun. Thanks for the writeup Hetal. I’m setting up a github repo to share the code.

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