A couple weeks ago, we told you about Ansca Mobile being selected for the FASTech50 shortlist of most innovative tech startups. Specifically, we were in the running to be the “Fan Favorite” and needed your votes to put us over.

Well, today we were informed that WE WON!!!!!

As promised, we’ll be drawing four winners for a free subscription of Corona SDK PRO as a show of thanks to everyone who retweeted and voted for us. So, keep an eye out in your Twitter inboxes for a very special treat! 😉

Now, we’re ironing out details to attend the FASTech 50 conference in the Bay Area in a few weeks, and also picking out hilarious costumes for Walter to wear when he gives his speech there. The second we know details about additional attendees (i.e. bringing some of you along!), we’ll let you know.

BIG thanks to all of you for giving us an opportunity to show these FASTech folk why the Corona community is indeed one of the most innovative in the world. Don’t worry — we won’t let you down!

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  1. Good luck as you head into the future Ansca! This is sure to be a boost to publicity of the SDK and the morale of Corona users and developers alike.

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