Friday Night Forum: Going it alone!

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It’s probably no surprise to you and your Corona SDK users that a lot of mobile developers are often “going it alone” — running small or even solo operations on a quest to make a name in the world of app development!

Of course, the good folks over at ReadWriteMobile also have noticed this:

One of the great beauties of Web technology is that the barrier for entry into innovation has been significantly lowered. In the mobile world, all you really need to know to build an application are the rudiments of coding and how to work within various native frameworks, like iOS or Android.

Yet, independent developers face steep challenges in not only creating dynamic applications but trying to get anybody to use them.

To take things one step further, ReadWriteMobile are now asking you for the best advice and “tricks of the trade” to offer people taking their first steps as indie app developers. C’mon, we know Corona users know a thing or two about succeeding in app development! 😉

At ReadWriteWeb, we have a terrific community of experienced developers who read us to see the news and the trends happening in all types of development.

What advice can the ReadWriteWeb developer community give to indie developers? What are the best frameworks, tools, ways to cut corners, marketing strategies, advertising options? As much as ReadWriteMobile is a resource for developers, the real resource is the community around it. Please let us know some of your favorite tricks of the trade in the comments.

You know what to do.

Click the screenshot below to go to the story at ReadWriteWeb and leave your two cents in the comments over there! 🙂

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  1. Daniel Williams says:

    Very interesting to read the comments over at ReadWriteMobile.

    “you can ‘overdevelop’ an app to the point where it becomes worse. Over working it can be wasteful on resources (ie your time) where it would still make money the way it is…”

    I know this is a big falling point of beginning developers (me included since I’m still beginning). You tend to want to constantly add features to your game/app or you tell a friend about your idea and they suggest a feature. You have to avoid project creep when developing apps, because there’s always the opportunity to release updates.