Today, we’re über-stoked to announce the Corona Indie Bundle — five hall of fame Corona SDK games that are now available in one 99¢ package.

Spurred by the idea of the Humble Indie Bundle for PC games, Brock Henderson of Chicago-based Crawl Space Games first brought the idea our attention. So, after some e-mails, four more top-notch Corona developers were on-board to have their games included in the bundle.

The Corona Indie Bundle includes five games which have topped App Store and Android store charts worldwide and sold over 2.25 million copies individually across the iPhoneiPad,Android, and NOOK Color.

  • The Secret of Grisly ManorSold over 100,000 copies on iPhone and iPad, and has been a Top 5 paid app in the Amazon Android Appstore and Top 20 in Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color app store.
  • Chickens QuestDeemed “New & Noteworthy” in the Apple App Store in over a half-dozen countries.
  • Robot 99Designed by NYU Master’s student Keng-Fu Chu as his graduate thesis on collaborative gaming and player interaction. Also became the #3 overall top paid app in the Taiwanese iPad App Store, right behind Cut the Rope and Angry Birds.
  • WalkaboutChosen as Amazon’s App of the Day and made the Top 100 in the Apple App Store in over 15 countries.
  • FloatHas topped 1.5 million downloads across iOS, Android, and the NOOK Color since its release earlier this year.

All in all, we felt this was great way to showcase some of the Corona community’s best games while also giving back on a larger level. With each sale of the Corona Indie Bundle, 17% of proceeds will go to charity. Specifically, the Bliss charity for premature babies in the UK, the Child’s Play charity for providing toys to sick kids, and el Dispensario de Managua charity for the poor in Nicaragua.

You can get the Corona Indie Bundle in the App Store now (Android coming verrry soon!) for 99¢ (individually, they’d run you $4.95), but you better hurry — this five-pack will only be available for a  limited time!

  1. Love the idea of game bundles from Corona. Great exposure for the developers, for Corona SDK, and charitable at the same time! I would’ve paid twice as much, honestly.

  2. Jonathan Beebe says:

    As of right now (Oct 11 @7:00pm), Corona Indie Bundle is #24 in Top Paid Puzzle Games!

    Outstanding job to all the developers involved in this! People really seem to be loving the bundle :-)

  3. Damn it, just registered to, installed amazon Apps application and turned 1-click for mobile on. Then it tells me that Amazon for Android is not available on my region yet :(

    So I guess no Corona Indie Bundle for me… this makes me one sad panda.

    Hope I’m still able to buy Corona SDK Pro even though I’m from Finland.

  4. I purchased this when it came out and my kids loved it. Now we bought them ipad minis and the app is no longer on the App Store.
    What do I do?

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