App of the Week (October 16, 2011): Trash Blast

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Apple has a strict policy against trashy apps in their App Store, but somehow this one slipped through. I’m talking about Trash Blast, our latest App of the Week! 😉

If you’ve ever had to sort through a pile of recyclables (plastics, metals, glass…), you’ll already know how to play Trash Blast. Your boss at the trash sorting facility pulls a lever a the beginning of each level and dumps a bunch of trash on a conveyor belt for you to sort into three different bins. With each proper sort, you rack up cold hard cash (maybe the iPhone 5 will be able to print currency?) and a moderate feeling of accomplishment.

The game is simple, but does have its own little challenging nuances. As you progress, the conveyor belt dumps trash faster and faster for you to sort, and you only get 10 “waste” points to spare on incorrectly sorted items before it’s game over. Not only that, but crazy items like gasoline canisters (that’s totally a plastic!) will also pop up in your trash pile and end your game immediately if you drop them in one of your bins. Eventually, you’re gonna crack!

Mechanically, the Trash Blast makes extensive use of in-game physics and touch-holding. Graphically, it has sort of a pseudo-anime cartoon look that’s really inviting to the eyes and makes you wanna pick it up and start playing.

Unfortunately, creators Hey There Software didn’t package a video for me to post and show cool this game is (tsk tsk!). So, you’re gonna have to go get it in the App Store or Android Market now and see why I liked it.

Oh, and be sure to wash your hands after playing! 😛

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  1. I love games like these. When it comes to games that require fast touch, drag and whatnot, Apple is the answer. I bet this is going to be a very addictive game. Most Apple app games are.