Walter talks monetization! (tomorrow)

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As you’ve probably seen by now, we have quite a  large and heavily active community around Corona SDK. Naturally, after troubleshooting and features, the biggest topic we get questions about is how to succeed and monetize once your app is in stores.

Yes, we’ve featured previous posts on here before about app monetization, marketing, and even brainstorming a successful app idea. But you’ve never really heard straight from us, in much detail, about how to go about making cold, harsh cash from your apps.

Well, until now! 🙂

Tomorrow afternoon, our very own Walter and  Inneractive VP Assaf Benjamin will lead a panel called “Hey – It’s Only Me and My App Here” at the App Conference here, in the SF Bay Area. The half-hour session will consist of “Monetization 101” style case studies and a free-flowing Q&A addressing audience questions.

So, if you’re gonna be at the conference itself, be sure to stop by Room 2 (downstairs) at 4pm to hear the talk!


…Oh, and there might even be a couple surprise feature announcements too! 😉

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This entry has 5 replies

  1. Byron Fillmore says:

    Will this be available as a webcast? Or at least recorded and posted on Youtube?

  2. Thomas says:

    Yes please: how about those of us that don’t live in the U.S.?

  3. XenonBL says:

    Based on the above description I’m guessing one of the surprise features will be Corona support of Inneractive ads network. I hope so, anyway…

  4. Chris says:

    Please share the a recording of this event with subscribers.

  5. Thomas says:

    Ansca, could you please confirm wether a recording or other form of document of this lecture will be shared with us? I have to say, it is frustrating that in these days of digital documents and high speed internet you apparently need to live in California to have access to this stuff. The company that makes my 3D software has been putting up real-time video feeds of all events and lectures for about 5 years now.