Our very own Walter is currently trekking the newly whitened East Coast.
This week, he’ll be at Corona events in New York — both, city and state!

First is upstate NY. Walter will be at what organizers have simply named “The Big Corona Event” at the Strathallan Hotel in Rochester tomorrow, November 1 from 6:00-9:00pm. Attendees will be able to win free copies of Corona and also will receive top-secret coupon codes to get [censored]% off their yearly Corona subscription.

The next day, Walter will be at Think Coffee on Mercer Ave. in New York City for the Flash Coders NY weekly meetup. Here’s where all of you Flash programmers can come and grill the creator of Corona first-hand — show no mercy! ;-)

* Carlos edit: If you can bring in 50+ attendees to your Corona or app dev-related meetup anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, let us know and one of us (the co-founders) will show up.

  1. David Cameron says:

    Hey, no free copies of Corona for NYC devs? All we got was bags, bottle openers and stickers. Mind you, the bottle openers were pretty cool. A very compelling presentation. I’m working on developing my first Corona app now!

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