App of the Month (October 2011): Car Seat Helper

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Last month presented quite a diverse array of apps, so it was especially difficult to find a consistent metric to gauge them on. Whether it was the Thai Cooks recipe app, the unexpectedly educational Factor Samurai, or the impeccably crafted zombie card game It’s Alive — each game was the best in its own right.

So, what it came down to for the October App of the Month, I looked for one major thing: SIGNIFICANCE.  And with that, the honor goes to Car Seat Helper!

Car Seat Helper was developed for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital to help inform parents on how to properly choose and install car seats for their small children. Consider this: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that  75% of car seats are installed improperly, which can prove catastrophic in the event of an auto accident. So, you can see how big of a service Car Seat Helper does to the public good!

On top of its noble cause, Car Seat Helper is also an excellently made app. The multi-purpose menu is easy to navigate and the step-by-step instructions (which also include video!) are laid out very intuitively. Developers MediaKube definitely know a thing or two about quality design. 🙂

Go get Car Seat Helper now in the App Store or Android Market if you have any little ones in your household. It’s completely free and a breeze to use — the perfect price for safety!

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  1. Brian Berg says:

    Thank you Ansca! On behalf of Phoenix Children’s Hospital and MediaKube, we are incredibly honored to have Car Seat Helper selected as your App of the Month. We are also excited that this award continues to help raise awareness of this very important child safety issue. Thanks again!