One of our most popular guest blogposts last week focused on iPad comics. And author David B. Fox certainly knows a thing about them, as his iComic Be Confident in Yourself garnered widespread acclaim and was named our App of the Week.

Now, you can add another iPad comic app to that list — the intergalactic adventure Trip Harrison Origins!

Origins is the inaugural issue of the Trip Harrison series following the titular character on his journey to discover the — if I deduced it correctly from the comic — cosmic origin of all life and time. Honestly, this is more of a “teaser” issue than anything else, and subsequent issues will immerse readers further in Trip’s adventures.

So, what’s so special about it?
Well, just look at it! :-)

Origins is just beautiful! The black-and-white artwork still manages to jump out at you with its sharp lines and stylized speech clouds, and the comic commands your attention with subtle animations and suspenseful, original soundtrack.

Simply put: this is how iPad comics should be made! Utilize the iPad’s capabilities as an expanded experience for the comic, rather than make people simply read it like a normal book. Origins does a great job of retaining a classic comic book aesthetic while tastefully pushing the genre forward onto a new, uncharted platform in the App Store.

Godspeed to creators Adventure Works!

  1. Hey guys thanks so much for posting about our comic! We’re very excited to get it out there and are hard at work on the next two installments in the series.

  2. I’m not much of a comic book person but this comic is beautifully illustrated and scored. The ability to interact with the comic adds to the story and does not distract from the mystery and adventure. WHAT’S NEXT ADVENTURE WORKS? I’ll be waiting most anxiously.

  3. Just wanted to thank everyone who checked out the Comic. We’re excited to about the different kinds of experiences we have planned for the cosmic crusade series. Also want to recommend kwik for those interested in making books and comics. If you want you can check out our Facebook page for updates:

    Or follow us on twitter:


  4. It was a book, but the great thing about corona and kwik is that we were able to get the art in quickly and customize it further in lua. It really allowed us to be more creative.

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