Remember several months ago when I mentioned the eternal internet battle of Pirates vs. Ninjas? (ignore the subsequent comment crapstorm it ignited)  Well, back then, it seemed like the ninjas had a leg up on their swashbuckling rivals.

But with our latest App of the Week, it looks like pirates have struck back. Set your courses toward Pirate Island!

Pirate Island touts itself as a “VERY ADDICTIVE!” (all-caps included) game, and I must concur. The premise is simple: Guide the interweaving pirate ships safely to the appropriate island without any of them colliding. And, at first, doing so is very simple — but then the addiction sets in! Pretty soon, you find yourself frantically guiding ships along Family Circus types of paths, picking up bonus points and narrowly missing each other in the process!

In a wise design choice, Pirate Island has a finite number of levels. So the end is always in sight if you can just get past those last few stages… ;-)

Mechanically, the game structures itself around our Martian Control sample code while doing a great job of polishing up the visuals. As far as how it “feels,” Pirate Island is easy to pick up (even if you have to consult the “How to Play” menu first, like I did!) and playable by a wide age range of gamers. And the best part is that it’s free, so why not throw it on your iPhone or iPad as a good time plunderer?

Pirate Island is available in the App Store now, by creators BAMify (yes, the ad guys).

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