The Amazon/Kindle Fire Opportunity

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Okay, this time we mean it! Starting with tonight’s daily build, PRO subscribers will be able to build for the Amazon Appstore/Kindle Fire.

(In case you missed the excitement, we blogged a little early due to a communication snafu yesterday. What happened? In a nutshell, there’s been a flu going around and half the team is literally sick. So in the fallout, we’ve gotten a little OCD around here, quarantining desks, making public health/safety announcements to the team, and handing out Purell hand sanitizer bottles. But I digress…)

There have been a lot of reviews about the Kindle Fire. And I agree it’s not perfect, but two things stood out:

1. Ready for consumption. As soon as I connected the Fire to WiFi, my name suddenly appears. Then, I noticed all my account info (credit card, etc) all appeared auto-magically. I had this Twilight Zone feeling for a few moments. Then, I realized that I had bought the Fire via my Amazon account and that they probably rigged the whole thing to correlate the Fire’s serial number with my account info, making it a cinch to phone home and auto-register for me. Good thing UPS didn’t deliver to the wrong address!

2. Friendly to impulse buys. I accidentally bought an app (yes, it was by a Corona developer) thinking that I’d be prompted for a password. I was surprised when the purchase went immediately through and the app started to download. After some poking around in account settings, I found out that you cannot turn off one-click purchasing on the Fire.

It’s pretty clear that Amazon is going to be a serious player. The Kindle Fire seems designed to make it seductively easy for folks to find and buy digital content. And more importantly, they needs lots of great content — from you all!

So power up your laptops, get the coffee percolating, and keep ’em coming!


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This entry has 6 replies

  1. carlos icaza says:

    Achuuuuu !

    Cough Cough….

    Hell Yeah !

  2. Johan_Ribert says:

    I’ve two game ready for that!, i’m in italy and around 22-23/nov my Fire should arrive in my hands, some test and after i hope to submit in the same week…

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. Hi Guys,

    This may seem like a daft question, but I guess this is for Android developers only?


  4. alex says:

    any plans for the Nook Tablet?

  5. kennwags says:

    … Just fyi, I just built 2 of my existing Corona Apps for the Fire, installed them and they’re beautiful and perfect in every way.

    Well done ANSCA! 🙂


  6. Kawika says:

    kennwags Great news. I’m also interested in placing some of my software on the Kindle Fire (which should arrive today). Can you point me to the instructions on how to transfer the output from the Corona SDK to the Kindle Fire?