App of the Week (November 20, 2011): Santa Express for Kids

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With Black Friday this coming week, the holiday shopping season is about to be officially kicked off. But with parents of little ones, there’s the added kerfunkle of finding out what to buy, not just where.

Luckily, our latest App of the Week helps pass along that top secret info — Santa Express for Kids!

Santa Express lets your kids write letters to St. Nick spelling out exactly what they want for Christmas and plead their case about whether they’ve been naughty or nice. The app also lets kids trick out their letters in the colors and decorations of their choosing without any mess from glue and construction paper.

But then there’s the twist! 😉

Along with letting your kids write letters to Santa, you can also go to (heckuva domain name placement!), make an account, and have your young’in’s letter discretely sent to you. Parents can even have “Santa” send a letter back to their little one letting them know of the status of their wishlist (just like the e-mails we get from some of you about your Corona SDK orders!).

Even though it could arguably be considered identity fraud, Santa Express is handy and takes the agonizing guesswork out of your Christmas shopping. Get this app for your kids to tap out their wishlist so you can cross one huge thing off your own holiday to-do list!

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