Is it just me, or is the Corona Community on a pirate binge lately? A couple weeks ago, the App of the Week was the ship-navigating Pirate Island.

This week, it’s the swashbuckling (are there any good pirate-minded adjectives out there) eBook Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures.

It’s worth noting that Jolly & Roger creators Unicorn Labs have now pulled off the first-ever ‘App of the Week’ repeat,  as last week’s Santa Express for Kids Christmas shopping app also was made by them. Not only that, but Team Unicorn also have a heavy track record with eBooks, as their Rabbit & Turtle’s Amazing Race eBook not only was named as yet another ‘App of the Week’ by us,  but also went on to become the #12 top-grossing eBook (that means paid!) on iPad at the time.

So, it’s safe to say that Unicorn know a thing or two about eBooks! 😉

As for the book itself, Jolly & Roger is a clinic in eBook construction. The hand-drawn images really jump off the iPage at you, and the driving film score is really a step up from Unicorn’s previous efforts. The eBook has a built-in “Read it to me” feature with a narrator’s voice, or a “I want to read it” option for kids to read with background noise and music to set the mod. Whereas Rabbit & Turtle was more like a book for toddlers, Jolly & Roger is rich and packed with enough hidden goodies to entertain older children, as well.

You can pick up Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures in the App Store now, along with the rest of Unicorn’s back catalog. Also, be sure to tell Unicorn Labs on Twitter what you think of their creations, as they’re always looking for comments and critique to help them on their next endeavor…

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