I’ll cut right to the chase:  If you buy Corona SDK PRO from now until December 31, 2011, you can get Corona Project Manager (a $74.99 value) for free.

E-mail us your proof of Corona SDK PRO subscription purchase to get the registration key to enable your CPM copy.


Not valid with any other coupons, discounts or educational subscription purchases. If you bought a Corona SDK PRO subscription between November 1st and November 24th, you may be eligible for Corona Project Manager at a 40% off. Email us at cpmpromo@anscamobile.com for details.

  1. @ernest

    am sure that one of us will get to you shortly. we had a higher than expected volume and we just got back from the Thanksgiving holiday thus giving us more emails and what not to sift through. thanks for letting us know. as soon as your order is processed we will let you know.


  2. Hi

    How about other pro subscribers bought before 1st Nov. I purchased on 30th Oct. Also no news for sprite log as well.


  3. Hello Carlos,

    I just recently subscribed to your framework Corona SDK Pro. So that’s nearly a week I try to contact you to enjoy your welcome offer for the free license of Corona Project Manager. Unfortunately, I still unanswered. Would you be kind enough to answer me please?

    Also, I want to show you every encouragement for future development you will achieve on Corona SDK. I am very pleased today to be part of your developer community and sincerely believe the growing success of this platform.

    I am a Flash developer at the origin and am particularly fascinated by Corona!

    Thank you for your attention :)


  4. We are processing all the requests so please bear with us as we process them and issue the respective licenses of SpriteLoq and CPM.

    Remember we had a long weekend here for the holidays and a quite high number of request for CPM on Cyber Monday.



  5. Carlos,

    And a response to the rest of us who, uhm, feel a little chided and left out?

    We love our Corona SDK or we wouldn’t be here.

    Is the board still mulling over how to take care of us???

    I came on board in October with no lure of freebies because Corona is what it is. It wasn’t a hard choice, it just dented the pocket book a little (ok, I had to get the wife on board).

    But not responding is akin to thumbing your nose at us and it would be the polite thing to do by providing a response to your loyal users.

    What a novel idea to make the freebies available as a download to all Pro members!

    Richard Roberts

  6. David Scheller says:

    You’re kidding me. I’ve been playing with the Corona demo for a year now, and finally took the plunge and bought the Pro Subscription on Nov 20. AAARGH. Missed the full deal by just a week.
    No complaint to the fine folks at Corona. Just wanted to publicly announce that I picked the wrong time to pull the trigger.
    Sorry, Project Manager folks, but the bank account is to anemic to fork out anymore cash. Even if it is a great deal.

  7. James Wooduff says:

    In a way I hate to say it, but to defend Carlos and Ansca, I can’t see how it they could just give their free CPM promotion out to all their members who joined when it wasn’t available. If they did, what about those who paid for CPM already? Would they all get a refund? Nonetheless, I really understand the frustration. That kind of thing happens to me all the time. I just spent $400 at Best Buy and found out later I could have saved 10% if I clicked on some link in my credit card site or something like that (!).

    On the other hand I am being a bit hypocritical and self-serving for saying all that as I have some current complaints myself:

    1) I paid $349 for Pro 5 days ago & still haven’t gotten my free CPM .
    2) I am now supposedly a subscriber but still “not allowed” to post to forums (?).
    3) I am a student so apparently could have paid $249. I’ve asked for a refund of the difference and really crossing my fingers (but not holding my breath).

  8. Hi Guys,

    I purchase Corona SDK Pro last week, but I still haven’t heard anything yet about the registration key for Corona Project Manager. Any idea of the timeframe to get this? I’m really enjoying Corona and after trying CPM for a couple of weeks, I can tell you it is an indispensable tool for developing apps in Corona.

  9. I don’t know why voucher codes for the CPM couldn’t have been emailed automatically if you ordered after a certain date? Why do you have to prove your order?

  10. Hi Carlos

    Any update on this ? I would greatly appereciate your response. Still i havn’t received any update on this.


  11. Stephen Allen says:

    I bought Pro last week and still can’t post to the forums. What’s more I could find no way to contact anyone on the site about this, even though I’m a paid up member I seem to have no capability to request support getting the services that I’ve supposedly paid for. Am I missing something? How does a member of this site request help?

    • Hey Stephen – Sorry about that. Can you please email me your account info – innaATcoronalabs.com? I’ll look into it.


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