More Corona SDK awards = More potential clients for you, our users!

With Awards Season just on the horizon (the Grammy nominees were announced last night, Golden Globe nominees coming in two weeks, and Oscar noms in a month), it’s only right that we get the Corona Community in on the action too! :-)

So, we have Silicon Valley’s premier startup awards The Crunchies to help us with that.

Of course, this isn’t about us as much as it is about you, our users.  You see, the more Corona SDK gets recognized like this (i.e. last month’s FASTech 50 awards, presented by the Dow Jones!), the more people will want apps built only with Corona because of its speed, efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness — that means more people approaching you to make apps for them!

To vote, simply click the screenshot below to go cast your vote for Corona SDK as the “Best Mobile App” Crunchie. (it’ll be already filled out for you, so you just have to click “Share”)

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  1. Looks like you can vote as many times as you want with Incognito windows :) They should really change it to IP voting instead of browser checking.

  2. gtatarkin says:

    Let me think… If Corona SDK gets more recognized I have more competition! Naaahhh… My voice is going to someone else :)

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