App of the Month (November 2011): Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures

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November was noteworthy in that it saw more non-gaming apps selected as App of the Week than games. Yes, the lone addition to our Hall of Fame Game in the past 30 days was Pirate Island, while Santa Express and the eBooks Trip Harrison Origins and Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures made the non-gamers proud.

When it comes to picking a fave out of that pile, I’m gonna have to go with Jolly & Roger.

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost about the eBook, Jolly & Roger is yet another clinic by creators Unicorn Labs in building top-notch eBooks. From impeccable artwork, a fun-to-follow storyline, cinematic soundtrack, and even the option to choose whether you want to read the book yourself or have it read to you by the narrator — Jolly & Roger is everything that books on iPad should be.

It’s also worth noting that this past week, Jolly & Roger broke into the Top 50 paid iPad books list. Wüt! 😀

Of course, there’s no point in me simply repeated everything I said in the previous blogpost. So, I thought I’d let you hear this interview that Team Unicorn’s Mark Sigal did with our good buddy J.A. at the MadPod Podcast! Mark reveals some deep secrets on creating multiple Corona SDK ‘App of the Week’ winners and their process of making eBooks that kids actually enjoy (child guinea pigs FTW!).

Congrats to Mark and the rest of Unicorn Labs, and special thanks to J.A. Donnelly at MadPod, who will now be interviewing all future ‘App of the Week’ winners on his podcast.

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