App of the Week (December 4, 2011): Sleepy Game

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About a year ago, I picked a game called Sleeping Bird as one of our first Apps of the Week. The overall serenity of the in-game atmosphere coupled with the simple yet addictive gameplay made it the perfect nightcap for casual gamers.

Now, there’s another game to potentially add to your wind-down routine — the aptly titled Sleepy Game!

If you’ve ever played the old (i.e. not on mobile!) game Jenga, you’ll easily get the gist of Sleepy Game. At the beginning of each level, you’re given a random stack of blocks — living blocks! Your task is simple: Touch the blocks that correspond with the color you’re given to make them disappear. But watch out These conscious cubes are all taking a nap and will wake up if you’re too clumsy while removing them.

Mechanically, Sleepy has great artwork, animation, and in-game physics interactions. One likely-to-be-overlooked aspect worth noting is the game’s exceptionally accurate touch sensitivity, which is crucial when you’re making precise move in the increasingly dense pile of blocks.  Like I mentioned above, it’s a nice game to play while you’re winding down at the end of the night, so don’t expect too many fancy bells and whistles with this one — just a pleasant game to play that’s very easy on the eyes. 🙂

Sleepy Game is $0.99 in the App Store and Android. Of course, if you just wanna try it out first, there is a free lite version available on Android too.

Congrats to creators Funny Beak!

Also, if you wanna try out Sleepy Game immediately, head over to Funny Beak’s web site and play the *cringe*  Flash version they have embedded on the home page.

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