App of the Week (December 18, 2011): TrainMania

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They often say that an interest in engineering often starts at a very young age. In the days of yesteryear, a future Silicon Valley tycoon might have honed their mind’s mechanical side with a model train set.

Of course, you didn’t have to become an engineer — sometimes, you just liked to feel the accomplishment of building an elaborate, functioning circle of choo-choo.

Well, now you’ll be able to take part in model train madness in a lot less table space with TrainMania, our latest App of the Week!

TrainMania is one of those simple, straight-to-the-point games that doesn’t dazzle you with graphics or mind-blowing gameplay. Instead, the game will give you the seemingly simple task of getting a few trains from Point A to Point B by switching the tracks ahead of them.

Keyword: Seemingly! 😉

As you progress thru TrainMania’s 48 levels, it gets more and more difficult to juggle each departing train and direct it to its proper station. If that’s not challenging enough, you can play one of three different game modes including 1.) “Arcade,” what I’ve described thus far 2.) “Survival,” where you direct traffic as long as humanly possible and 3.) “Rush,” where you try to get as many trains to station before time runs out.

TrainMania is great for both kids with a budding love for model trains and grown-ups feeling nostalgic. All in all, it’s a great low-key game to kick back and gently massage your brain.

You can try out TrainMania via a free version on iPhone, iPad (highly recommended!), and even Android; the full version with all levels and games modes is also available in the App Store and Android Market.

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  1. Ed Wainwright says:

    Trainmania is a great game. My Grandson loves trains, for him This may replace his angry birds.