Guest Post: How Corona powered this ‘Train’

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Maciej Lewiński is the creator of TrainMania, our latest App of the Week.

Like many other users, Maciej is a relative newcomer to Corona SDK and Lua — nevertheless, he ended up creating a great game in a matter of weeks with nothing but a handful of tutorials and enthusiasm in his holster!

Maciej Lewiński

As a one-man developer team, I knew I had to be efficient when I decided to create a mobile game. I also wanted it to be a cross-platform in order to target as big a market as possible.

During my studies, I learned that good programmers are lazy — and during my career, I learned that good developers tend to reinvent the software that’s already there. I knew I couldn’t afford to waste my time. I needed to find the proper tool that would do the most of the dirty job for me. That way I could concentrate on the important and fun stuff to do, like core game mechanics.

Since I wanted my game to be cross-platform, the tool I was to use had to be some kind of an abstract layer above existing Android and iOS SDK’s. That would save me the time of learning all those SDK’s and writing the same game multiple times over.

After some research on the Internet, I found Corona SDK. It had all the things I needed. It supported iOS and Android devices, and it used one single language — Lua. Hmmm…

After watching the first tutorial, I was completely amazed by the capabilities. The simple introductory tasks actually looked as simple as the code, and even the more advanced tasks were easily accomplished with only a few more lines of codes. Simply put: developing in Corona was awesome and really addictive — and I was sold!

Working with Corona SDK was a really smooth drive. I could implement the mechanics I wanted with ease, test them immediately in the Simulator, and soon enough the game was taking shape. I was surprised with the simplicity of switching between different devices, screen resolutions, and operating systems — Corona handled it all for me! After three weeks of work, I had a nice prototype; after eight, the game was finished. Without Corona I can easily say that it would have taken 10 times longer.

I would really like to thank the Ansca guys for creating such an awesome tool.

Oh, and don’t forget to try out the game — it’s also really addictive. 🙂

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  1. PiotrT says:

    Nice game Maciej…. Swietna gra, gratuluje i pozdrawiam:):)

  2. Nick says:

    This game looks a lot like Train Conductor