App of the Week (December 26, 2011): Stay Alive

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The holidays are traditionally a time to lounge around, unwind, and finally take a break from the end-of-year hustle and bustle. Of course, you’re gonna eventually need a jump-start to rocket you back into your usual breakneck life — right?

If so, then our latest App of the Week will help you do just that. Strap in tight and try your best to Stay Alive!

Stay Alive is a side-scrolling space-shooter where your objective is to simply keep your ship running and shooting as long as possible. Usually, I tend to gravitate away from these types  of “see how far you can last” games without any levels or greater storyline, but Stay Alive! struck me as different. This didn’t turn out to be your typical smartphone side-scroller…

Upon picking it up, the first thing you notice about Stay Alive is how frantically fast the gameplay is. At first, it’s a little daunting, but eventually you’ll settle in and embrace the chaos! 🙂  My eyes and reflexes were firing on all cylinders as I was trying to keep up and outlast my previous turn. On top of that, the graphics are stupendously crafted and do not lag one bit while playing — which is especially crucial for a fast-paced game like this where the screen can quickly fill up with explosions and other good stuff.

If you hang out on Reddit at all, you might have already heard about Stay Alive this past week. If not, treat yourself to a nice post-Christmas jump-start by getting the game in the App Store or Android Market.

Here’s some gameplay video — and no, the footage has not been sped up in any way:

Congrats to @RobAllison of Just the Drummer on his creation! 🙂

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This entry has 2 replies

  1. J. A. Whye says:

    Just watched the video — cool-looking game! Would be fun to see a follow-up post from the developer detailing any cool technical hurdles he had to overcome. The body looks great, but what’s under the hood? 🙂


  2. George says:

    Just installed it on my HTC Desire… and it’s kind of sluggish when there are many enemies/objects on the stage. It’s kind of big too … 18MB … and you can’t move it to SD.