As we’ve already mentioned, 2011 has been one heckuva year for Corona SDK.

Among the explosion of apps, meetups, and plug-ins we’ve seen from the Corona Community this past year, we’ve also caught word of multiple books on Corona coming soon — and one of those books needs some ‘input’ from you, our users!

Our dear friend Michelle Fernandez of the MobiDojo studio is set to release the Corona Game Development Beginner’s Guide in February. She and publisher Packt have everything written and all in place for the book’s release — except for a book cover.

And that’s where you come in! 😉

Between now and January 28, we’ll be accepting submissions for cover art to Michelle’s Corona book. The winner will not only have 1.) their cover art used for the book, but also will receive 2.) two free copies of the book and 3.) $100 USD in cash from Packt Publishing.  Not only that, but two additional runner-up winners will receive a one-year subscription to the Packt Games Library (a $120 value).

Excited yet? Awesome!
Here’s how to enter…

All entries should be e-mailed to and follow these parameters:

  1. 300 dpi in resolution
  2. Minimum width of 7 inches and height of 5 inches (no maximum, though!)
  3. CMYK color mode
  4. JPEG file (if you win, they’ll ask for an uncompressed TIFF or .PSD file)
  5. 2 MB maximum file size (just for initial JPEG entries)

The judges will be the author Ms. Fernandez herself and our co-founder tag-team of Walter and Carlos. The entries themselves obviously will be judged on artistic merit as well as their “visual impact,” reference to gaming and game development, and how they evoke the feeling of working with Corona.

Again, the deadline to submit is January 28, 2012.

Based on previous contests we’ve held, we know it won’t be an easy task to choose the final winner since so many of you tend to submit stuff of extraordinary quality. Needless to say, we are preparing ourselves to be floored!

Best of luck to ya! :-)


*UPDATE*  We heard you! Now, the winner also will receive a yearlong subscription of Corona SDK PRO with the aforementioned prizes.

  1. How cool it would be if Ansca added a one year Pro subscription to the rewards as it would directly benefit and promote Corona sdk.
    What do you think about it, Ansca? sounds reasonable?

  2. Hi Ansca or Michelle

    Can the Corona logo be used in the design.

    and +1 for Marc’s suggestion – a donated Pro Sub from Ansca would certainly generate some traction for this competition…have Ansca reached a decision on this :)

  3. @iNSERT.CODE I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to use the logo. I know I have to use screenshots from Corona when referencing my tutorials in the book. Most likely, you can’t alter it (stretch it out of proportion/change the colors on it etc..). Like the App Store logo for example.

    I’ll ask one of the guys just to be sure.


  4. David Rangel says:

    @Marc – we just had not gotten to posting this. The answer is yes – the winner will get a Pro subscription thrown in.

  5. Hi all. Just an update on the question of full or part cover images. All we need is the actual image that sits at the top of the cover (like here But if you would like to give the image some context, by all means send in the whole cover, but we’ll judge it on the merits of the top image part. Hope this clarifies it.

    Thanks David for the extra Pro Subscription! You’re a gentleman!

  6. Alright, so now that it has been officially stated by Packt that they only NEED a replacement image for that hay section, my design has been rendered useless. How willing is Packt to adopt a design with a layout overhaul? I’ll have to go back and rethink the entire design to submit a replacement image for the hay.

  7. Hi all. I’m a bit unsure of what the entry should include (as in, again, full vs. part cover image) and the suitable dimensions :)
    At first I had the impression we should design the whole cover, but @Robin’s last comment clearly says actual image only.. in which case I wonder about the minimum dimensions / desired ratio. Reason: the initial supplied dimensions at the beginning of this page were “Minimum height of 7 inches and width of 5 inches (no maximum, though!)” yet the image part clearly has width > height.

    Thanks everyone, hope I manage to scrape some time and participate.

  8. To answer my own question:
    I assume we’re talking about the cover image only and that the size should be (minimum) 7” by 5” (that is, you probably switched between the height and width dimensions mentioned at the beginning of this page).

  9. Einat (and everyone) – apologies for the slight confusion. We will post later today what the *exact* specs are to make sure we all know. Hang on for a bit.


  10. Once the exact specs are posted, should we re-submit our entry if we made a vertical layout, or can you still judge the entry as submitted and just ask the winner to tweak it for a horizontal format?

  11. I know Hental has already said we can only submit one entry, but given the confusing situation with the full cover vs replacement image debate, would it be possible to allow us to submit both a full cover entry and a replacement image entry? It doesn’t even have to be two submissions if both designs were placed in one document.

  12. Just a quick update, we corrected the dimensions to now be 7″ wide x 5″ tall, instead of the previously switched around ones. Sorry about that!

    And yes, to make it up to you, we’ll let you submit multiple entries in case you previously submitted something in confusion — but no spamming with an avalanche of entries! 😛

    Good luck everyone!

  13. Weeee procrastinators win! I was thinking about doing this when I first saw it at the beginning of the month. I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of time designing the whole cover.

  14. Just a quick question, can we include the whole Ansca Logo or any part of the Ansca logo such as the 5 seeds? If yes can we re-create these parts of it ourselves so the orientation of the logo fits the cover design?


  15. The image is wider because, as you’ll see in previous posts, they actually want a replacement image for the picture of the hay which is wider.

  16. Dang, I knew this would happen. I sent my cover image design in at 11:57pm and my layout design at midnight. I would have sent them earlier but I was at work all day. I’m just relieved that I made the deadline. Thanks for holding this contest! It was a lot of fun.

  17. Will this page be updated when the winner is selected or will there be a new page? I’ve been updating this page every day, heh

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