App of the Week (January 8, 2012): The Passenger

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Last week, I said that I sure hoped that 2012 would be able to bring the same caliber of Corona-created apps and games as last year did.

Well, after seeing our latest App of the Week, I know they will. If you’re still skeptical, check out The Passenger!

One look at The Passenger and you will certainly want to pick it up. The game immediately hooks you with its noir, almost Frank Miller-style artwork casting a mysterious aura over what lies ahead. Once you pick it up, the puzzles ensue and you’ll slowly start uncovering the game screen-by-screen, getting more immersed in its incomparable design.

Of course, looks aren’t everything — the gameplay also needs to be top-notch. With The Passenger, you’ll somewhat be reminded of a third-person version of The Secret of Grisly Manor (from nearly a year ago!) in how you scour each level for clues and solve a litany of puzzles along the way. And those puzzles are incredible in their own right — each one is radically different and requires mastery a different function on your device (tilt, touch, etc.) to solve. Seeing as how Grisly Manor ended up being one of the most successful games created with Corona, we don’t see why The Passenger shouldn’t be able to replicate that success! 😉

The Passenger is available now in the App Store and Android Market — this one is a must-buy, so download it now and keep us updated in the comments on your progress!

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This entry has 3 replies

  1. Looks very very cool!

  2. Altaf says:

    brilliant! I am interested in knowing the details behind this project? What kind of special effects software was used behind the scenes etc?

  3. David says:

    I love the 2D, hand-drawn style. Beautiful. The person’s animation isn’t great, but the colors and atmosphere… Excellent visuals.