We had quite a response to Scott Singer’s blogpost about using Corona to make business apps.

Some of you contended that Corona was only good for making mobile games, while others (like Scott!) insisted that Corona’s speed and ease of use made it perfect for the quick turn-around times demanded in the business app world.

For the latter, allow me to point to Exhibit A (again) — the app Car Seat Helper! Corona users MediaKube made Car Seat Helper after being tapped by the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Through its use of step-by-step menus, a child height/weight calculator, and an all-around intuitive interface, Car Seat Helper assists parents in the critical task of buying a proper car safety seat for their small children.

Along with the great press it’s received, Car Seat Helper is now up for the Best ‘Doing Good’ App of 2011 award.  Be sure to vote for it below (and vote often!) and get your buddies to do the same before the January 25 deadline.

After all, life-saving is a pretty nice in-app feature, eh? 😉

Car Seat Helper is available for free in the App Store and Android Market.

  1. Great question Charles! When we were designing and developing the app for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Kindle Fire wasn’t even shipping yet. We are working with PCH on planning some new updates for the Car Seat Helper app in 2012 (including multiple languages) so we just might entertain the idea of compiling a version for the Kindle Fire at that time.

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