We are very happy to say that we had a great #CoronaMeetup last night here at Ansca HQ! In spite of the rain, we had over 80 people show up to meet members of the inneractive and Ansca teams and talk with other likeminded Corona developers. We love meeting new developers and it’s always rewarding to hear how people are pursuing their dreams of building mobile apps and, in many instances, doing it full time because of Corona. 

Along with all the Bay Area attendees, we had people come in from San Diego, Orange County, Portland, and even Michigan just for the event — and as you can see, everyone took advantage of the pizza! We’ve also posted some pictures on our Facebook page.

Thanks to all attendees and special thanks to inneractive for sponsoring the event. We’re looking forward to our next meetup (join now!) and we are already playing with a few ideas on how to make it bigger/better!

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  1. Even so I stuck in traffic for 1:30 I had a blast! Especially because I was able to thank Jon personally for his great Tuesday tutorials ( fantastically helpfully)

    In term of Meetup, I loved seeing all the people I knew only from their handles on the forum. I have to admit they were the who’s who of the Corona community!

    I hope we can also have some structured Corona meetup like formal tutorial presentations like in-app purchase…

    All in all a great Meetup.


    Ps: thanks Hetal for tweeting the picture about my little upcoming app. That was very cool of you:)

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