Coming soon: ‘The Lost City’

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Last year, Fire Maple Games released The Secret of Grisly Manor, which went on to become one of the most successful Corona games to date. Its beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay had people glued to their Android and iDevices.

Now (after nearly a year in the making) Fire Maple are ready to release their next puzzle/adventure epic, The Lost City, which FireChief Joe Kauffman told me is waaay more awesome and longer than Grisly Manor.

The Lost City is currently under review in the App Store — and I’m pretty sure you’ll see  it up here sometime in the near future. 🙂

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This entry has 7 replies

  1. firemaplegames says:

    Thanks, guys!!! I am very excited about the release!

  2. Dale says:

    Wow! Looks amazing.

  3. Eiswuxe says:

    Congrats on finishing the game! The trailer looks brilliant.

    I hope that this game will come out for the iPad, too, and will feature HD graphics. Its such a shame that those beatiful images from Grisly Manor were not available in HD 🙁

    I wish you all the success with this “The Lost City”!

  4. firemaplegames says:

    @Dale: thanks!

    @Eiswuxe: thanks! Yeah, I would looooove HD graphics as well, but at this point they aren’t feasible for me to produce. The Lost City has over 1200 images. For me to support all three iOS resolutions would push the app size well over 200MB.

    In addition to becoming incredibly difficult to manage and test, I would then have to strip all of the dynamic image code and graphics for the Android version to stay under the 50MB marketplace limit.

    These adventure games are quite tricky to pull off for mobile with all the art assets that they require!

    It will be interesting to see if the retina display iPad3 rumors are true and how that will change things.

  5. John says:

    Congratulations! I loved Grisly Manor. Any chance of releasing on Android?

  6. firemaplegames says:

    Hey John!
    Yes, the game is currently available for iOS, ANdroid, Kindle Fire and is awaiting approval on the Nook Color/Tablet (should go live there tomorrow).

    Let me know if you are having trouble finding it!


  7. Breuil says:

    J ai un but : impossible de récupérer la sangle écran 23 au niveau de la croix lumineuse ! Dommage c’était bien