Need design help? Check out our special Tapptics offer!

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Each week on this blog, we highlight a Corona app that stands out. Almost always, the best apps are the ones that have great functionality/playability and are also great to look at.

Like it or not, an app’s ability to succeed and get people talking often relies on its looks. Unfortunately, not everyone is an awesome graphic artist, and a lot of indie developers out there can’t quite afford to hire one.

And that’s a problem!

But now, we have teamed up with Tapptics to bring you some excellent design lessons and graphics templates for your Corona apps. With Tapptics, you can now get a ‘Design Kit for Corona’ full of the following goodies to equip your app with aesthetic awesomeness:

  • A 15-lesson game and graphic design training via video.
  • Six app icon templates  in .PSD and .PXM formats.
  • Design templates for iPad (portrait and landscape) in .PSD and .PXM formats.
  • Design templates for iPhone (1st Gen and Retina resolutions) in .PSD and .PXM formats.
  • Screen specifications for iPad, iPhone, and iPhone 4.

This package is, for now, available exclusively for Corona developers. Normally, a package like this would run you $149. But for us, Tapptics owner Jen Gordon is making it available for only $39 for a week (until the end of day on February 3), and $59 after that through our Corona LaunchPad. Not too shabby of a deal to make your app the belle of the ball!

For access to this package, e-mail us at and we’ll give you all the details.


We’re  bringing you this deal as yet another means to make the best Corona apps possible. And we can’t wait to see how great your apps will look after you graduate from the College of Tapptics! 🙂

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This entry has 16 replies

  1. Did anybody buy this ? What are your impressions of the lessons and the templates.

    I was hoping for more lesson on how to use Photoshop to create game graphics ( about 1/3 of them) and less on general app planning and development ( about 2/3).
    Also what do you think of the templates?

  2. Byron says:

    I signed up and can’t find the downloads for the templates or icons anywhere. It looks like you have to pay extra for each of them. None of the items included in the description above are available in my account once I login.

    It is not clear which tutorials are available and which ones are not. The entire process is confusing which makes me lose confidence in the tutorials before I even get to them.

    After logging in I click on and get this error: “Oops! Wrong Membership Level” ?!?

    I hope I can get a refund because I am not happy at all.

    Save your money… Corona shouldn’t partner with companies like this who don’t take the time to test things and make things easy for developers to understand. Very poorly executed.

  3. David Rangel says:

    Byron – that clearly is not the experience we were aiming for 🙂
    If you can’t see the materials, then there was a mistake. Email me at davidATanscamobileDOTcom and we’ll figure it out with Tapptics.

    Just to be clear – our goal is not to scam our developers. Tapptics has some good materials and we think developers will find them useful.



  4. Byron says:

    Just a quick update. I have asked for a refund and instead was told to “refresh my cache”. Odd to have to do that, although that didn’t solve my issue.

    I requested a refund again which has since been ignored.

    Poor customer service. I will call visa in the morning and ask them to cancel the transaction. At least I will save you all from having to go through a similar experience…

    BTW: Corona still is the most amazing software ever!!

  5. David Rangel says:

    Byron – just following up on this again. We’ve had a ton of people get the offer, with only a handful of minor issues and NO ONE (except you apparently) with an unsolved issue. It is a Friday and people are busy. If you cannot wait more than a few hours on a Friday night for this to be resolved, feel free to cancel the transaction. If you are willing to have this resolved, then I am again offering for you to email me and we’ll try to resolve this as quickly as possible.

    I do appreciate your enthusiasm for Corona, but just want to make it clear that from what we’ve heard pretty much everyone has been satisfied with Tapptics as well.

  6. ken says:

    still curious to hear from those who purchased this deal…. see the original comment

  7. Kawika says:

    I’m needing some strong “positive” feedback prior to making this purchase!

  8. Mo says:

    I was really thrill about the design aspect of the offer but of what I can tell, there are limited icons and some graphics elements. I am not too interested by app planning and so on. What I was hoping for is a sort of assets store where we developers could access “millions” of images, graphics and sounds.

    That part of developement is for the most difficult since you never really know about the copyright issues and we also spend a large amount of time looking for quality asset to use on our games. If Ansca would partner with some some asset provider and check all the issues related of assets use before hand that would be awesome! Attracting great graphic designers by setting an assets store at would also be awesome ( something like what Unity does with their store)

    Just a suggestion…


  9. J. A. Whye says:

    Having a problem at 7:22PM on a Friday and asking for a refund and not hearing an answer by 9:38PM isn’t poor customer service — it’s impatience.

    Wanting the stuff you paid for immediately is understandable, but a glitch that keeps that from happening until maybe the next day (or gasp!, even after the weekend) doesn’t deserve calling for pitchforks and torches.

    We’re talking about art assets, not medication (or pizza). And a small business that’s probably a 1-person shop. Have some empathy.


  10. Kawika says:

    It was a little irritating when I originally purchased products from iTunes or the App store. But I soon realized there were checks, balances, documentation and quality control. Then I purchased products directly from the author or developer and most items were acceptable. Then I did purchased a few products with what sounded like a great product. Nothing but promises with these products and at times the developer just went on to work on other projects (and possibly in work over there heads). So maybe we should have our own quality control and purchase these types of items from iTunes or the App Store! After all, even with good intentions, it is our money and time!

  11. Byron says:

    I’m sorry Jay, but I don’t care if you have a one-person operation or a 100 person operation. Bottom line I was having an issue that we were already communicating via email. I honestly would have not even requested a refund had I been told that there was a known glitch with the system and that they were working to resolve the problem…and sorry for my inconvenience. Instead… I am told that the problem was something I did and no further explanation?!? I still haven’t received anything from the website apologizing for my bad experience. THAT is what I consider bad customer service. I am simply letting people know to be cautious before spending their money on this website. I received a refund… with no explanation, no message, nothing. If I spent that amount of time preparing these tutorials and assets for developers I would have a) Tested the site first b) Apologized for any inconvenience my customers had purchasing the content c) Offered a refund immediately and not make the customer have to even bring it up. <- THAT is good customer service. I love how everyone is jumping on me like I did something wrong here. Seems as though I am taking the brunt of the negative feedback. I work very hard for my money and I am not as willing to let people take advantage of me. Anyway, If I could I would delete all of these comments and pretend it never happened. I am a huge supporter of Corona. I have personally helped sign up at least a dozen new developers. I would hate to have this be a black mark against my relationship with Corona. This whole thing is insanity…

  12. David Rangel says:

    Byron – this is not a big deal. These is no negative feedback. I’m glad you got the refund – and it’s too bad it wasn’t a good experience.

  13. Marty B says:

    I appreciate your post Byron. It was not fair for anyone to attack/criticize you. You were honest in your relaying of the situation, it was clear to me at least. They took the money quickly, they should strive to resolve issues promptly. You saved me a headache. Thank you.

  14. Nezek says:

    Btw I had part of the same issue than Byron while using Chrome I was unable to get the file but I opened Internet Explorer logged-in and the file was available right away.

    So if you have any issue and your on chrome just open another browser and get the file… unfortunately there are several website that doesn’t support chrome correctly.

  15. Wecker says:

    I think you can easily find enough comparable informations on the internet. Google skills assumed 😉 And I can’t see any corona special deals, seems to be the normal quote for the offered product.

  16. Come on people, lets all take a breath. I emailed the author with a question and got a response in 5 min. You cant tell me that someone must respond all the time within 2 hours. If im out at the movies or with the wife. I’m not answering my emails. I agree you need to get what you paid for in a timely fashion but there are many places where I have purchased things like this and were not able to download right away.

    It’s not like your going to watch the videos and have a new app out in 5 min.

    I’ll be purchasing this tonight when I get home.