App of the Week (January 29, 2012): Fire Cupid

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Last week, we featured the pristine Where’s Paradise? eBook as an example of a splendidly crafted iPad reference app. With last week’s Apple iBook announcement, it’s gonna be more important than ever for learning apps to be built with the tablet interface in mind. This week, our App of the Week is another example of that — the interactive dating guide Fire Cupid!

Since we’re all nerds here, Fire Cupid is an immeasurably useful app for us all. Creators Miss Pivot are a dating coach service out of Indianapolis, and have created Fire Cupid as a guide to, in their words, stop awkward dating. In Fire Cupid, you explore real-life examples and advice on getting over the initial hurdle of meeting that special someone. Oh, and the eBook is for both men and women — no objectifying Pick Up Artist stuff here!

Specifically, this inaugural volume of Fire Cupid is focused on body language and how to properly read it in your dating endeavors. Now, that sounds like it’d be really hard to explain in just words, right? Well, Fire Cupid features a motherlode of interactive quizzes and over an hour of original video content to make the learning  process that much easier. If you can’t attend one of Miss Pivot’s workshops all the way in Indy, this eBook is an awesome substitute to get the same kind of advisory awesomeness.

If you take away its relatively niche-based subject matter, Fire Cupid is an exemplary eBook in its construction. With interactive elements, checkpoint quizzes, and HD video, it’s a virtually perfect demonstration of how a textbook should be built for the iPad. Imagine if instructional books on dance, or martial arts, or even app-building included elements like those? It would make for a much more effective learning tool and, consequently, a much more learned reader.

Check out Fire Cupid on iPad and Android tablets now.
Oh, and be sure to let us know if you end up finding your soul mate! 😉

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  1. alex says:

    Another app (partially) some with Kwik! Congratulations to the team.

  2. PaulTech says:

    Looks Great, where was this before I was married? lol

  3. konsnos says:

    Looks like someone is watching Lie to Me 😛 . Pretty cool app!

  4. Kevin says:

    Corona and Kwik are both a blast to work with. We can’t wait to release the next update with microexpressions. It’s going to be awesome!