Guest Post: Corona SDK = eBooks for non-coders

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Our latest App of the Week is the dating guide Fire Cupid, an exceptionally crafted eBook for the iPad and Android tablets.

Below, Josh from the Miss Pivot dating coach service elaborates on how he brought his vision for a truly interactive eBook using Corona SDK. If you read carefully, you might even be able to catch a hint or two at what may be in the Ansca pipeline… 😉

Joshua Andrew Mitchell, Miss Pivot

The story of Fire Cupid started when my business partner, Kevin Emmons, and I, Josh Mitchell, decided we wanted to write and release a book on body language. A text-filled manuscript wasn’t an option though. We are both visual people and get tired of reading thousands of words. We knew our story had to be told in a modern medium.

Our idea was to write a book where our readers were able to interact and have fun while learning the science behind people’s undercover signals. The vision included a book with pictures, videos, and infographics — anything other than standard copy. We really wanted the first interactive book on body language to be able to breathe and come alive for readers.

Enter problem number one: we aren’t coders. In fact, no one at Miss Pivot is a coder. Sigh.

So, we dug in and started looking for a platform that would allow us to build an interactive book on iPad and Android Tablets because both devices are perfect mediums for rich media. Solution: Corona SDK! This program won out because it looked fast, simple and focused on more visual content than others we found.

We immediately started writing and creating. Lucky for us, our experience with JavaScipt and ActionScript helped, and we were able to push a prototype out within a week! It went quickly because every bug or glitch we ran into seemed to be magically fixed through Daily Build releases from Ansca. It was weird — weird enough that we’re pretty sure they had our office bugged… (editor’s note: Ansca Mobile does not comment on alleged office buggings)

Miss Pivot team

Seriously, though, we’ve continued to be impressed by Corona and its ability to deliver just what we needed.  This platform is exactly what non-coders need to achieve visual apps with a lot less work than you might think. We’re already working on the last two chapters of the book, and Corona’s new native video element is once again helping tremendously with our interaction plans.

Looking into the future, we’re considering publishing Fire Cupid to Macs and PC’s, and we know Corona just might be the perfect setup to make it happen! 😉

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  1. Kev Partner says:

    Hmmm, PC and Mac player? Very interesting indeed…

  2. alex says:

    Not a mention to Kwik’s help? 🙁

  3. Oswaldo says:

    PC… Windows 8 support, I hope! 🙂

  4. Marc says:

    alex > Not at all, except a comment from Kevin in the previous blog post.
    That’s not the first time I see your call for a bit of recognition and publicity.
    I feel your pain.
    That reminds me a bit of Ricardo when Storyboard appeared.

    As a reader of the blog, each time I read a case study I actually am interested in knowing more about *which tools* featured customers used to produce apps so that I can take advantage of it.

    About Fire Cupid : the angle they take for their services and business is great, congratulations.

  5. Thanks, here are some details that didn’t make it in the blog.

    Coded Using – Sublime Editor 2
    Designed In – Photoshop
    Page Layout – InDesign
    Content In – OpenOffice
    Videos Edited with – Premiere & After Effects
    Project Management With – Pivotal Tracker
    Version Control – GitHub
    Interactive Infographics & Animation – Kwik
    Built using Corona SDK

    No PC’s or Mac’s Where Harmed In The Making of This App.

  6. kevin says:

    Haha, don’t forget the NIKON d7000, canon 595, canon 5dii, zoom h4n, rode shotgun mic.

    Kwik was great and Alex is going to get some special recognition soon 😉 stay tuned to