Every now and then, we’re shown something totally awesome that we just have to put up here, on the blog.

Case in point: Terry Paton.

Terry has been tinkering around with Corona SDK for a few weeks now. And just the other day, he put up videos of three games that he built with Corona (the free trial version too, if I’m not mistaken). Terry told us it took him a little under two weeks to build the games, adding that it was “not full time either.”

Terry followed the videos with his full thoughts on Corona, so go check those out too…


…And if you have something cool to show us like Terry, tell us on Twitter or e-mail! :-)

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  1. Looks really nice! even more impressive for 3 weeks part time.

    BTW – for android custom fonts on Android, in the textobject you need to use the font file name and not it’s “name”. so instead of scoreboard.ttf for example, rename it to “Score Board”.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi, It’s cool you created all three games. I was wondering how did you create escape. Did you use a sample code or watch a certain tutorial. Thanks

  3. Hi, I think your games are great. I was just wondering how you made escape. Did you use a sample code or did you watch a certain tutorial, thanks.

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