App of the Month (January 2012): Fire Cupid

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One day, we’re gonna have to do away with the ‘App of the Month’ award because it’s getting too dang hard to pick just one app each month!

Case in point: This past January. We saw one of the most graphically ambitious games in The Passenger, a post-apocalyptic zombie adventure in ZDay, and two incredible eBooks in Where’s Paradise? and Fire Cupid.

But if we have to painstakingly pick just one, it would be Fire Cupid.

Plain and simple: Fire Cupid is one of the best-made learning apps (with or without Corona SDK) we’ve ever seen. The app features over an hour of video plus interactive diagrams and quizzes to review everything you’ve learned. Heck, shouldn’t every learning app (martial arts, dance, etc.) be made like that? Creators Miss Pivot have made a textbook example (no pun intended) of how every eBook should be made, taking advantage of all the unique aspects of the tablet as an interactive learning platform.

If you’re a hopeless romantic or simply just want some inspiration on how to make your own eBook masterpiece, check out Fire Cupid on iPad and Android tablets now.

Oh, and it must be mentioned that Kwik will help you out tremendously in your eBook endeavors, as well — just like it did with Fire Cupid! 😉


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  1. alex says:

    Congrats Kevin and Josh for this amazing accomplishment! Looking forward to have your tips and tricks on Kwik’s blog.

  2. Charlie says:

    Looks like APP of the YEAR to me

  3. ted says:

    I recommend this Timeline Eons app, a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history: