App of the Week (February 5, 2012): The Lost City

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When somebody builds up a “brand,” they tend to have a certain level of awesomeness expected of anything with their name on it.

Just ask Joe Kauffman of Fire Maple Games, creator of our latest App of the Week, the intricate and gorgeous puzzle-adventure The Lost City!

Kauffman’s previous creation The Secret of Grisly Manor was a similar puzzle-adventure that saw massive success — and from all early indications (already #1 in many countries on over), it looks like The Lost City is on track to eclipse Grisly Manor.

Just to clarify, The Lost City is not a sequel to Grisly Manor (Joe says that will be his next project!) despite its similarities in gameplay and overall awesomeness. In Lost City, you’re tasked with investigating one of your rockstar archaeologist grandmother’s old exploration sites, solving many Myst-style puzzles and a variety of brain-crunchers along the way.

One look and go-around at The Lost City demonstrates why it’s such a hit with gameplayers already. The graphics are obviously beautiful, utilizing Particle Candy along the way to better create environments of water and vapor. On top of that, the puzzles that unlock each turn of your journey are meticulously crafted and somehow diverse enough to never get boring or repetitive — which is a good thing since the gametime to beat this thing is about five hours!

The Lost City is currently blowing up on Android and in Apple’s App Store.
It has already hit #2 on Amazon and #1 in several countries’ App Stores.

Go pick it up now and let’s get it to #1 worldwide! 🙂

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This entry has 7 replies

  1. Congrats! An inspiration for other folks building on Corona!

  2. Josh says:

    Congrats, Joe! Can’t wait to jump in! Just downloaded! Lets make this #1 in the US!

  3. Max says:

    Congratulation! Your on the way to hit #1 in Germany!!! Amazing 🙂

  4. pdichone says:

    Congratulations!! You are indeed an inspiration to all of us! Excellent Work!

  5. Berggreen says:

    Its 2D with animations on-top right? Nicely done, very retro style. Reminds med of the good old days with PC adventure games.

  6. Magenda says:
  7. Val G says:

    I really like the Lost City BUT in chapter 5 1st hint says to decend in the well using the rope, however when I try I get a message saying try something else. A glitch in your program perhaps?