Last month, we teamed up with our new buddies at inneractive to bring you an awesome January promo where you got to keep 100% of your ad revenue!

And since a ton of you loved that promo so much, we’ve decided to do another promo with inneractive for February!

From now until the end of the shortest month of the year, inneractive advertising maven Orly Tsesis will give Corona developers personal feedback about where to place ads in your app. This is important since ad placement always has to be balanced with things like user experience and engagement points to make the most of your ad monetization endeavors — and Orly is here to give you that advice for free!

All in all, this is yet another step that we (both Ansca and inneractive) are taking to help you, our beloved developers, succeed.  After all, we don’t wanna run a business and product with a bunch of duds, right? 😉

To sign up for inneractive’s February promo, click here.
For more details, click Orly’s glamour shot below…

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