An afternoon with Dr. Brian Barsky

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Carlos Icaza, Ansca Mobile

This past Monday, I had the pleasure to sit down and enjoy a cup of cappuccino with one of the most influential figures in the field of splines and its use in computer graphics and geometric modeling.

I’m talking about Brian Barsky, co-author of the book An Introduction to Splines for use in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling.

It was a nice afternoon and could not have asked for a better Bay Area day. No clouds, sunny, and by the time we met for coffee, the sun had began to set (ooh la la!). The UC Berkeley campus was a block away from where we sitting and, by the time we got our drinks, students were filling up the sidewalk with murmurs about classes, school topics, where to catch dinner, and planning for the next day.

But inside the coffee shop, it was different. It was relatively quiet. And after we got our coffees, we sat and managed to chat for about two hours, perhaps a bit longer, on topics ranging from splines, digital vs. film photography, mobile devices’ use in medicine, and other technologies that surely will take us into the future.

To transcribe the 2+ hours of talk would do injustice to our chat, but having coffee with one of the giants in the field of computer graphics — which has given us the special effects we see in movies today — and its use in other fields is purely amazing. Dr. Barsky was very effusive, and he glistened while taking about current and future technologies and how we can use them in the mobile world to bring the world closer together.

Thank you, Dr. Barsky, for allowing me to enjoy a cup of coffee with you while we talked about “splines” and other topics.

Dr. Brian Barsky + Carlos Icaza


To learn more about Dr. Barsky, visit his web site. (coincidentally, one of Dr. Barsky’s past Ph.D students is Dr. Tony DeRose — who is now Research Group Lead at Pixar Animation Studios)



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