App of the Week (February 12, 2012): Crashsite Defense

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We’ve featured a few “tower defense games” on here before, where the simple concept of defending your home base from an oncoming wave of invaders. However, our latest App of the Week take things up a notch — up all the way into outer space!

Man your battle stations for Crashsite Defense.

As mentioned, Crashsite Defense is a tower defense game set in space. But what separates Crashsite from the pack is its insane graphics and hilarious storyline. Your clumsy captain seems to have crashed your ship in outer space (not sure how one manages to do that) and is too paranoid to accept help from oncoming fixer robots — so you must blast them all into oblivion! A vast arsenal of cannons and lasers will help ensure that you stay stranded forever!

Paranoid delusions aside, Crashsite really does have insanely good graphics. While our previous games took on a more cartoonish effect with their graphics, Crashsite looks almost like CGI with their intergalactic animations of explosions and firepower. Certainly, there must be some third-party Corona tools at work here… 😉

On top of its graphics, the gameplay is structured through 20 levels with the aforementioned hilarious storyline. Longtime readers may know that I’m a little partial to games with storylines as they seems to give you an end-goal and purpose rather than simply racking up points via an infinite gaming loop. In Crashsite, you gotta think strategically — like with all “tower defense” games — and equip the turrets on your crashed ship with the right mojo to keep the oncoming “enemies” at bay. It’s almost factory-like in how you set up your defenses, but there’s quite a bit of variation across the 20 levels that will keep you on your toes and keep the game from getting monotonous.

Go grab Crashsite Defender while it’s free on iPad (high recommended!) and iPhone.
I only got to level 4, but I do hope that captain comes to his senses by the game’s end.

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  1. V involved and pushing Corona to the limits. Not just that, but also v entertaining.

    Thanks guys and congrats on app of the day.


  2. Nicholas G says:

    I love this game. It really showcases that you can do amazing things with Corona. I can’t wait to see what you guys cook up next!

    Crashsite defense FTW.

    I hope to accomplish this with my upcoming game (secret title). My 1st game, is utilizing every physics feature known to man(I’m making Box2d cry) I should have done simpler games, but this is what I want to make 🙂 learn as I go along.

    Seeing this game makes me feel better, as I can see creative people make great content without cloning. This is a popular genre, but this game somehow doesn’t make me feel like it’s “just another tower defense game”

    You can count on me for a great review on the app store!

    Make the games you want to make! Really well done!


  3. Gary says:

    I can’t play it because I get a message in the app store preventing it from downloading, stating that it needs gyroscope support. Is there no controls mode that doesn’t require that? I have a 3GS. Cheers, and good luck!

  4. Robin says:

    @Gary: As you can see, we have a lot of animations and high res graphics in the game, which needs a lot of hardware performance (sadly 😉 )
    So i hate to say that “crashsite defense” is only available for devices above iphone4 :-/
    To add the “gyroscope” requirement was (as i know) the only way to restrict the supported devices.
    Yet, we are working on the performance issue!

    First app – first experience – alot to learn…

    GbC Studios