We’ve had a lot of talk about in-app purchases (IAP’s) around these here parts.

Coupled with the freemium strategy, in-app purchases can make for a very successful and lucrative app endeavor. If you build a compelling enough mobile app, maximize your audience by giving it away for free, and then monetize via highly useful in-app amenities, it can often result in higher $ returns than putting  up a purchase barrier on your app in the first place.

Below, the folks behind app analytics site App Annie break down the current state of the app economy — with extra emphasis on in-app purchases. (point #4)

Head over to App Annie for the full breakdown, or check out the infographic below:

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to know if corona supports security on top of the currently unsecure apple’s IAP model. Any “user” can just install an IAP crack on his device which just removes any call to apple’s servers when IAP is initiated and returns “success”. This faulty model apple is using and forcing all their developers to use forces easy piracy.
    I would like to collaborate with some devs (or even with Corona Devs) in order to solve such issues (alwayss assume your client is not secure).

  2. I’m with Jordan. We need IAP on Android now!! It’s not fun having a shared code-base and then having to make a ton of modifications to a game because there’s no IAP on Android with Corona…

  3. Here here on the Android In App Purchasing already. We know IAP is good and is certainly wanted by all Android / cross platform devs.

    This article just rubs a little salt into that wound. For both us and ANSCA I presume. I’m quite sure they would love for it to be done already too.

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