I’ll be honest: I tend to gravitate toward games that have great graphics. Of course, perhaps more importantly, I’ll stick with games that have great gameplay.

And — as is the case with most of our App of the Week selections — the game Grooh embodies both of those key elements!

In Grooh, you play the titular character as he explores a giant castle in search of mythical treasure. The gameplay involves stepping on certain colored floor tiles in each level to unlock the door to the next one. While this sounds simple, it gradually gets more challenging (elastic!) and, thus, engaging.

Composition-wise, Grooh is crafted with impeccable graphics and animation. The anime-inspired stylization will immediately draw in kids, while the subtle and seamless animation will make more seasoned gamers take notice too. While I would have liked to see some touch-based movement more in the vein of Walkabout rather than using an on-screen direction pad, Grooh is still a pretty easy game to pick up and become immersed in right off the bat.

Creators digiDingo have seemed to really hit it out the park with Grooh — the game has been given the frontpage treatment by the App Store in several countries and has even hit #1 in Switzerland. Not too shabby!

Go pick up Grooh in the App Store now, and feel free to bug @digiDingo about getting it on Android. 😉

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  1. thanks guys, much appreciated!

    and yes, Corona is very powerful. It’s our first Corona game, we did it in 3.5 months and really enjoyed working with Corona SDK!

  2. Wow, totally ripped off the totoro character. This is like putting mickey mouse with different colored pants in one of your games and claiming it’s original.

  3. Brent Sorrentino says:

    “Copy-cat character” notwithstanding, this looks like an awesome game! I just hope you don’t get some legal blowback from the design… remember what Jonathan Beebe went through with Tilt Monster, which was quite a preposterous ordeal (how you can “trademark” an English word for a series of games is beyond me; I swear those kind of lawyers need to crawl back into the slime pools they live in). Anyway, I digress… great job with “Grooh” and keep up the great work!

  4. I like the fact that the character looks like it was inspired from totoro. I love totoro and what’s the big deal? Grooh is adorable, the game is very unique
    The character is different enough to avoid a lawsuit
    I <3 grooh

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