Winners of Corona SDK book cover art contest!

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Last month, we opened submissions for cover art to the upcoming Corona SDK Game Development Beginner’s Guide by Michelle Fernandez. Earlier this month, the contest formally ended and we received more than 40 entries for us and Packt Publishing to carefully scrutinize.

And now, we have found our winners! 🙂



Our two runners up receive a one-year subscription to the Packt Games Library (a $120 value), which is packed with all kinds of eBooks on game development and programming — and yes, that includes Michelle’s book too!


First Runner-Up

Upon laying eyes on this cover, only one thing came to our mind: GAMING!

The brilliant use of classically styled gaming icons around a beautifully constructed pyramid for the title typography really made this a faithful and eye-catching book cover. Seeing something like this on shelves would certainly pique the curiosity of an aspiring game developer — which is what a book cover essentially is supposed to do!


Second Runner-Up

The imagery of Corona being a ‘Power Button’ for game development is one that we had been toying with in the early stages of Ansca Mobile. Perhaps that’s why we loved this entry so much.

We mentioned before that we would judge the entries partially on “how they evoke the feeling of working with Corona.” And even though we never adopted the ‘Power Button’ imagery officially as a company, we still feel the same way about Corona’s ability to empower anyone to build a mobile app.

I’m sure many of you feel the same way too! 😉


Grand Prize

The grand prize winner will have their cover art used in the official release of the Corona SDK Game Development Beginner’s Guide (obviously!) and receive two free copies of the book and $100 USD in cash.

Upon seeing this cover, we were floored! Aside from the incredible detail and artistic ability displayed in the picture itself, we also liked the sense of “blasting off” that it conveyed in its composition. We have always aimed for Corona to be the definitive launch point for your mobile app endeavors (as many of you have already shown), and this entry hit the nail on the head with depicting that. Artistically incomparable and highly demonstrative of the underlying mantra of Corona, this entry takes the cake!


You can find out more about the winners themselves over at the Packt site.
We’ll be contacting the winners individually to arrange for their prizes.
In the mean time, you can pre-order the book on Amazon now.

A big thanks and hearty round of applause is in order for everyone who submitted an entry for the book cover contest — as you can tell by our slight delay, picking the winners was no easy task.  We were unexpectedly but very pleasantly overwhelmed by the quality of entries we received, and it has spurred our enthusiasm for holding more contests like this (and chances for you to win!) in the future.

No wonder why so many of your games have such awesome artwork! 😉

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This entry has 19 replies

  1. Wow that’s amazing!

  2. saidul says:

    good choice!

  3. Jason says:

    Packt site link does not work:

    Unfortunately, the page you were trying to retrieve does not exist!

  4. Sanne says:

    Awesome covers, love the retro pixel characters. Rocket chameleon pilot looks really nice. I’d love to smack the PACKT template designer with a frying pan.

  5. MarkRosewood says:

    Without wishing to sound picky – those two runners up look like they are designed to cover the whole front of the book not just the top window. We were told specifically that this was not the requirement and I know some people changed their designs because of this.

  6. Jonathan Beebe says:

    Very, very nice artwork! A+++++

    Though I do hope [Packt] ends up changing the blue color all over the book to match the artwork!

  7. Michelle says:

    Congrats to the winner! Well deserved. 😀

  8. Fully Croisened says:

    Very nice work all! Congrats to the winners

  9. Very Cool. Can’t wait to get my book… Pre-ordered Last year 🙂


  10. Congrats to all the winners and thank you all for participating.


  11. Sam Shaw says:

    The above link shows that the book is expected in May 2012??!!

    I checked the same link day before yesterday and it said it was expected February 2012. What’s going on with the release of this book?

  12. Alex Greene says:

    I can tell you if I was walking through Barnes and Noble, I would be much more inclined to pick up a book with the cover of the first runner up than the grand prize cover. The first runner up looks more creative, vibrant, and well-designed, which definitely captures what Corona is. I like the idea of the lizard on a rocket (pretty awesome!) but the boring title underneath that takes up half the page pretty much kills it for me.

  13. Adam says:

    Whoa! my design is the first runner-up thanks 😀
    Just one question: are you going to contact us to receive the subscription?

  14. rarmstrong5 says:

    Not gonna lie, I love the winner’s design but I think that first runner-up nailed it. The winner’s design may be a bit more eye catching but I truly think the first runner-up’s cover more entails what Corona is all about (which is games, and the reason why it wasn’t picked now that I think about it…) …

    How about we make Corona even more of a business platform 🙂

  15. @Sam Shaw From what I can tell you is that the book is all written. It’s going through a finalization process to make sure everything is updated to the current Corona features and good to go. The delay was unforeseen so that’s why the date is pushed back. We want to make sure that we release a product that is error free instead of something that is rushed to completion. Thank you for your patience.

  16. royi says:

    Absolutely agree with Alex, I’d go for the first runner up in a heart beat. I can’t believe Packt uses such a dated, boring look for their books. Nothing against the winner, just the lower half of the cover. I imagine it must impact sales, as people are obviously drawn to more creative, fresh looking books.

  17. These 3 entries look amazing! But to be honest the First Runner-Up IS CORONA IN HEART AND ESSENCE, exactly what I could expect on a gamedev book.

  18. Congrats to all winners and love the three entries. The First Runner-Up really nailed It would have been a cover on a book store shelf that I would have picked without hesitation. rarmstrong5 comments captured it for me. Perhaps Corona could offer more businesses tools/functions if we are to drum it this way.

  19. sunil says:

    Raphael’s image is jaw-dropping. Not keen on the 2nd runner up ones though – slightly tame :-~