Guest Post: The story of Swiss sensation ‘Grooh’

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Jann Sigrist is co-founder of the Swiss-based digiDingo studio, whose game Grooh is our latest App of the Week.

Grooh has some of the best artwork we’ve seen in a Corona SDK game, and has already hit #1 in Switzerland. Below, Jann talks further about how digiDingo used Corona to bring Grooh to life…

Jann Sigrist, digiDingo

My bro and I started our own company, digiDingo, in September 2011. Our first employee is Alex, a well-known game designer in the Swiss gaming scene. So far, so good… Not too interesting, right? 😉

Our main goal was to develop a cool, easy to play game. A game that can be released on iOS and Android at the same time. And to be honest, at that point, none of us had ever heard of Corona SDK. Probably not to your surprise, we started developing a first game with Flash CS5 — and two days later, we realized that the game lacked in performance on all devices.

And that was when Corona SDK entered the game!

We started looking for another framework that would let us release on both platforms. “Code less, play more,” right? What first felt like a rather cheap way of getting more users turned out to be the simple truth! Within two weeks, we had five different prototypes of the game to pursue — oh, and the performance was great!

After subscribing, we started to work on Grooh. Since we haven’t had any prior knowledge about Lua, we didn’t know how fast we could be done with the game. Much to our surprise, Corona let us do a playable version of the game within six weeks! That was simply amazing! The community and staff have been very nice to us and helped a lot.

Now let’s do some tech-talk. We have never thought making a game being that easy. GameCenter? A few lines of code. Animations? Just use a spritesheet, load that, play it. Sound? Just stream and play!

Seriously, though, we continue to be impressed by Corona and its ability to deliver just what we needed. The last four months with Corona SDK have been great. For sure, as with all frameworks, there is a dependency on it. But we feel like they are listening to us. And that makes Corona even better than it already is.

Our next step is the release of Grooh on Android devices and, thanks to Corona, this will be peanuts. We are already working on a new game, which might also be the next #1 game in Switzerland?

Stay tuned! 🙂

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This entry has 7 replies

  1. Nick says:


    Simply epic. Going to buy right now!.


  2. Yikes! Character looks too much like Picachu!

  3. Ri Caragol says:

    I always thought Corona was only for 2d games, this one looks to be 3d? Is it just 2D trickery or am I missing something?

    Pretty amazing! Can’t wait to get my hands on Corona.

  4. Mark says:

    It’s done in “Isometric Perspective” which is 2D but gives the idea of 3D. Game looks SO good!

  5. Ri Caragol says:

    Awesome, good to know thanks!

  6. Iqbal says:

    the character looks like a cross of pikachu and totoro 🙂

  7. Regis says:

    Game looks great. Any tips on how to go about creating an isometric game with Corona? Any tutorials? Any lead would be greatly appreciated!