Got an app, but need a web site? We’ve got an App(.net) for that….

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One of the big things we tell everyone who’s getting ready to launch an app is to make sure their app has a web site. However, after laboring hard over your app, sometimes you’re just too tired to build a solid web site for it.

But now, we have an app for that — well, an! 🙂

With our new friends at, you can get a pro-looking web presence for your app in a matter of minutes. You can create a beautiful landing page for your app (or a “coming soon” page if you’re still fine-tuning it) complete with App Store/Android download buttons and artwork for a Facebook tab. And depending on which package you pick, you can even give your web page its own dot-com domain for easy referral.

For the next week, we’ve brokered a special deal for all Corona users (trial users and subscribers) on to receive a nifty discount:  Sign up with now as a Corona user to get the first three months of your subscription for only $1 each, and then each month after that will be billed at whatever plan you choose from the signup page.  After next week, the deal will only be good for Corona subscribers.

Corona user can access the deal only thru this link.

So, basically, you no longer have an excuse to procrastinate on making a web page for your app — sorry about that! 😉

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  1. Nick says:

    Well I think I just found a home for my app. I’m totally for sure dude like rad use this.

    Ahem, I think your service is elequently presented and meets my standards. I look forward to utilizing your fine service.

    Good day sir.



  2. Mo says:

    Anyway to see links to actual sites build with All I see on the site is icon of apps that send you the apple store. I would like to see the look and feel of the web sites themselves. I also want to know what can be edited on the site template.



  3. David Rangel says:

    Mo – here are a bunch of links to sites:

  4. Mo says:

    Thanks David. PERFECT! Impressive…even so I paying for a domain name ($5/month) and hosting (which I did do nothing yet with it) I may try this solution.

    Thanks again.


  5. Nob Studio says:

    Maybe you should mention in the blog that we can try out 1 mobile app page for FREE!

    I tried out and really likes it. Its a cool idea and I like how it imports description and screenshot form iTunes automatically. Templates are fun to play with and everything is easy to set up. set up within an hour with 55 mins spent on playing around with the templates

    I do hope to have more control over the templates
    1)upload our own background
    2)edit second background color(most templates’s “text” background is white color)

    Its an easy to use site with nice modules and the best part is I can edit the page anytime.

    exactly_how_I_feel = “sometimes you’re just too tired to build a solid web site for it”

  6. Mo says:

    Hey David,

    1- I noticed that if I try to add a email button to allow customers to sign up to be notified when my app launches(Mailchimp) the system need my actual physical address to be listed and more problematically display on each email confirmation that is sent to people who wants to get news about the upcoming app.

    Anyway to avoid disclosing my own home address and name?

    2- I also noticed that the app site is already LIVE when saving. Anyway to make it visible to me until i am ready to show the app to the World?



    ps: I am playing with it right now and so far I like it!